Jelly Roll Rug2 by RJ Designs

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Use your favorite jelly roll to make this fun and fabulous jelly roll rug! This Jelly-Roll Rug Squared pattern is a simpler version of the original Jelly-Roll Rug pattern. Now, all skill levels may participate in the joy of Jelly-Roll Rug making! No stitching around tight curves, just sewing straight, "seams.:" Uses 1 Jelly Roll

Kit Option:
• Jelly Roll Rug pattern
• 1 Precut Batting Roll

Materials Needed: (not included with the pattern)
1 Jelly Roll 
1 Roll of 2.5" precut cotton batting OR 1.25 yds 96" wide Cotton Batting

Your sewing machine needs to make an adjustable zig-zag stitch.