V & Co. Ombre Confetti • 6" Strip Bundle • 21 Colors

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Ombre Confetti - 6" Strip Bundle (equivalent to a Jelly Roll, plus a little wiggle room)

Includes all currently available Ombre Confetti colors 

V and Co. for Moda

21 Prints:

BEST Popsicle Pink BEST Indigo
Cranberry Aubergine
Cayenne BEST Mauve
Persimmon BEST Magenta
BEST Coral
Soft Black
BEST Honey
Soft Grey
BEST Lime Green
BEST Off White Multi
BEST Mint BEST Off White
BEST Teal Sand
BEST Turquoise

**This bundle of 21 prints from V and Co.'s Ombre Confetti collection is cut by hand in my studio.  Each cut will measure approximately 6" x 42".