Zirkel Magnetic Pin Cushion

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The Zirkel is a Magnetic Pin Holder that repels items to the outside edges in a sunburst pattern for easier pickup.

Cristy's Review:
I bought one of these magnets to try before adding it to the store. I wanted to test it to see how it compares to the 4 or 5 other magnetic pin cushions that I have. It really is the best one I've used. And it's fun, too! I love how the pins fall into the starburst pattern, when I drop a bunch of them back on. The pins are so easy to grab, too. A couple of my other magnetic pin cushions make a bit of a mess of my pins, but the Zirkel keeps them more orderly (well, as orderly as pins can be ;) ).

Size: 4in square
Colors: Black, Turquoise, & Purple