Clover Wedge Iron

In my never-ending quest to find a small, versatile iron that gets nice and HOT, I've discovered the Clover Wedge iron. Like the SteamFast, it's perfect for pressing my applique and piecing projects. This iron doesn't have a water reservoir, so it only requires 80 Watts to power it, and it still gets nice and hot. In comparison, a standard steam iron requires 1200-1800 Watts for power. For one steam iron, you could power 15-20 of the Cover Wedge Irons, and without blowing a fuse!

From the manufacturer:
The Wedge Iron has flat soleplate surface with no steam holes, then tapers to a fine point for ease of ironing seams and difficult to reach areas. Soft handle allows for a comfortable grip. Temperature dial is large and easy to set. Includes a small spray bottle for controlled moisture and steam where needed. This dry iron is safe to use on water sensitive fabrics such as silk.


  • Low: Approx. 175°F-230°F (80°C-110°C) *for acrylic
  • Mid: Approx. 231°F-300°F (111°C-150°C) *for silk, wool, nylon, polyester
  • High: Approx. 301°F - 390°F (151°C-200°C) *for cotton, linen, viscose/rayon, triacetate


  • Iron: PBT, TPE, Aluminum (fluoresin-coated)
  • Spray bottle: PP, PE, Stainless Steel

SPECS: 80 Watts / 1 minute heating time / Product weight is approx. 1 lb / Product dimensions are 6.75” depth by 2.5” wide by 3.5” tall / 6 ft cord / 2-pin Polarized plug type / 60HZ, 120V

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