V & Co. Ombre Galaxy • 6" Strip Bundle • 7 Colors

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Ombre Galaxy- 6 in. Bundle

7 prints featuring a hand-dyed ombré look, plus a metallic gold splatter for extra luster. This collection has the same vibe as the other Ombres, but has a more organic dyed look. The gold metallic splatter is ombre too - wow! 

V and Co. for Moda

7 Prints Included: 

*Cherry *Onyx
Off White

*Discontinued color with limited inventory

NOTE on Limited inventory. Moda has recently discontinued 26 of the 30 colors in this collection. Colors will be removed from the bundle and the price will be adjusted as I run out of inventory.

**This 6" strip bundle of 7 prints from V and Co.'s Ombre Galaxy collection is cut by hand in my studio.  Each 6" cut will measure approximately 6" x 42", from selvage to selvage, and includes the full range of the ombre.