Sharon's Secret Foundation: Light Weight

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Sharon's Secret Foundation

This is our Light Weight Foundation, and if you are looking for applique foundation that makes hand applique easy, beautiful and precise, YOU FOUND IT! The weight of this foundation is light yet sturdy. You can easily hand applique with it and hand or machine quilt over it. Try it! I'm sure you will love it!! Make sure you find an Applique Tutorial that is right for you. It will show you how this wonderful foundation is used in applique. You can also look at our Applique info page.

This foundation is also perfect for foundation piecing. You can cut it to any size you need. In addition, you can cut it to the size of a piece of printer paper, and run it through any printer, for printing your favorite paper piecing pattern. Once you use it for your piecing, there's no need to tear it away. It can stay in, and will become a part of your quilt. It truly makes foundation piecing and machine applique so much easier for you.

In addition, this foundation is perfect for machine embroidery. Sharon recommends using it as a foundation for all of her embroidered applique quilt designs.

The foundation is 19" wide, and sold by the yard. Samples are also available in 1/4yd pieces. 

1 yard = 19" x 36"

What's Included

This product is sold by the yard. I will cut off the amount you order and fold it for packaging. I will also label it with the yardage and type of foundation.

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