Silk Society Stash - Video Tutorials

Welcome to the home of the video tutorials for the Silk Society Stash.These series of videos will build your applique and hand embroidery skills, while learning various methods and techniques for creating with Sharon's hand-dyed fabrics, and each type of silk thread. This is an invaluable resource is for ALL quilters of ALL skill levels.

As you work on each of the blocks, be sure to refer back the videos for Month 1 - Orange Primrose. Many of the basic steps for using the heat transfers and preparing the applique are only covered in these videos. The hand embroidery stitches that are used on each block are done in detail in the videos for Orange Primrose and Purple Hibiscus. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the videos and/or hand embroidery stitches.

The applique on the blocks for months 7-9: Red Tulips, Teal Lilies, and Pastel Daisies is done with Sulky Invisible Monofilament thread. All of the preparation for the applique is done the same as the previous blocks, with the sewing the only difference. This is our favorite method for machine applique because it gives an "invisible" finish to the applique. And once it's washed, the stitches virtually disappear. In my machine applique video series on YouTube, I walk you through the basics of this method. While the videos are not specifically showing the Red Tulips, Teal Lilies, or Pastel Daisies blocks, all of the instructions are applicable. 

Orange Primrose Hand Embroidery Video Tutorial
Purple Hibiscus hand embroidery video tutorial
Turned-edge applique video series