Purple Hibiscus - Videos for Month 2

Month 2 - Purple Hibiscus Hand Embroidery Videos

Please refer to the videos for the Orange Primrose block for the instructions on many basic steps for each block including heat transfers, applique preparation, and machine applique.

The machine applique for the Purple Hibiscus block is done very much like the Orange Primrose block. Please refer to the Embroidery Thread Color Key handout, that came with your pattern, for placement of the machine applique and hand embroidery threads. Feel free to make changes to suit your own personality and block.

Part 1: Introduction, Stem, and Outline Stitches

Part 2: Bullion Stitch

Part 3: French Knots

Part 4: Detached Chain Stitch

Part 5: Herringbone Stitch

Part 6: Buttonhole Stitch

Part 7: Fill Stitch

Part 8: Highlights and Shadows