Schmetz - Size 100/16 Longarm Machine Needles

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Schmetz Embroidery Needles for Longarm Machines

  • Round shank needles, for muliti-directional use
  • For use with popular machines like Gammill, HandiQuilter, APQS, Prodigy, A1, Nolting, and more
  • Prevents skipped stitches
  • High stability and prevents deflection
  • Ball-point tip helps protect our special quilts and prevents holes in the fibers
  • Precise stitches
  • Reduces wear on machine parts  

Size: 100/16
Canu: 20:05 EB1 (EB = embroidery and indicates that they are ball-point)
NM: 100
SES: 135x5
Qty: 10