Quilt Halo - Free Motion Quilting Tool

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This amazing free motion tool, the Quilt Halo, gives you support and control when quilting.  It is a rubberized, weighted, metal ring. It is NOT a magnet, so it is safe to use with any type of domestic quilting machine.  The rubber coating gives the Halo grip, and the weight of the ring (it's 8oz!) gives you stability and control.

Using the Halo gives you much relief from the physical stress of machine quilting.  Because of the support it gives you, your shoulders, arms and hands can relax, which eases common quilting discomfort. Using multiple Quilt Halos gives you even more control and support for your arms, shoulders and back as you quilt. I use 2 or 3 Quilt Halos, depending on the size of my quilt, or the density of my quilting.

The Quilt Halo replaces the need for using quilting gloves and embroidery hoops while free motion quilting.

The Quilt Halo is 8" in diameter and the quilting space is 7.5" in diameter. *Due to the manufacturing process, individual Quilt Halos may vary slightly in size.

**Buy 2 Quilt Halos and save 15%!!** (Choose the 2 Quilt Halo option in the drop down menu above, next to the price.)

Video Preview

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