Quilt Fairy by Sharon Schamber

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This DVD features Sharon's revolutionary Art Quilt class. In this seven part class you will be guided down the path of creating your own art quilt.  Covering subjects like Painting, Applique, Piec-Lique and much more. 

Segment Outline:
  1. The first segment of the Quilt Fairy covering the green and blue nine patch section. 
  2. This segment covers adding contrast to defined lines using paint and inserting a checkerboard design using Pied-Lique.
  3. This segment covers painting and adding stitching to the bubbles to really make them come alive.
  4. This segment covers creating contrast in the hair using Sharon's unique painting technique.
  5.  In this segment Sharon demonstrates how you can use thread as an accent.
  6. In the final segment Sharon demonstrates how to stitch all of your applique on a domestic sewing machine.

This DVD plays on TV and computer DVD players.

What's Included

  • Instructional DVD

Note: Templates for the specific fairy used in the video are NOT included and are no longer available to purchase separately.