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10 Modern Projects Inspired by Classic Art & Architecture

Travel the world without leaving your studio! Tour ancient Greece, Rome, and Israel by way of 10 modern quilts inspired by classical art and architecture. Infused with the mystery of the past, these distinctive projects will push you out of your comfort zone, helping you to grow as a quilter and to move beyond the basics. Explore advanced techniques, including curved piecing, Y-seams, mitered corners, and more. Expert, Amanda Leins pairs her passion for quilting with her world travels and studies in archaeology, sharing the photos and stories behind each timeless project. 

Cristy's Review:

I absolutely love this book. Visually, it's stunning to flip through - each page and photo more beautiful than the last. But it goes so much deeper. Mandy empowers us to go further as quilters, while connecting the fibers of the stories that join us all in our craft. I could go on an on, but this review by Lauren Lang says it all so well. Mandy