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The purchase and use of any Sharon Schamber designs indicate your acceptance of this license agreement and warranty. All legal rights reserved.

Rights and Permissions

Attention: Use of these designs is subject to the accompanying Sharon N. Schamber, Schamber Quilts LLC license terms. Using the designs indicates your acceptance of these license terms.

The following License Terms govern the original purchaser use of the accompanying designs. License Grant. Sharon N. Schamber, Schamber Quilts LLC grants the original purchaser a license to use the designs for personal purposes only. “Use” means installing, storing, loading, executing, or displaying the designs. “Display” is limited to personal settings and extends to local events only, such as guild or chapter events, county or state fairs. Credit must be given to Sharon N. Schamber for any display items using these designs. Any handiwork or creation made using these designs MAY NOT be entered into a Regional, National or International judged event of any kind, nor can it be submitted to any publication, either digital or print media without prior written approval from Sharon N. Schamber. Under no circumstances is purchaser allowed to make adaptations to, or modify the designs in any way. Purchaser CAN NOT disable any licensing or control features of the designs. These designs are copyrighted and purchaser DOES NOT have the right to copy or distribute the DVD/CD, or material provided, in any fashion. The designs can not be transmitted in any form or by any means. 


The designs are owned and copyrighted by Sharon N. Schamber, Schamber Quilts LLC.
Your license confers no title to, or ownership in the designs and is not a sale of any rights in the designs. Sharon N. Schamber, Schamber Quilts LLC may protect its rights in the event of any violation of these License Terms. 

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