Inverse by Cristy Fincher

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Inverse is a modern and dynamic block with endless versatility. With Inverse, I'll introduce to you, Piec-lique (piece-li-kay): a technique for sewing virtually any curved seam. Piec-lique will open your world to many new possibilities for curved seams.

You have a few choices for buying Inverse:

  1. Preprinted templates and a fully illustrated instructional PDF on CD.
  2. Preprinted templates and a downloadable PDF. The templates will be mailed separately.
  3. Templates only. This is perfect if you're already familiar with Piec-lique, or just want to buy additional printed patterns.
  4. Downloadable PDF only, which includes printable templates.

Templates can be reprinted, as many times as you'd like, for your personal use. For best results, I recommend printing on precut freezer paper.

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Inverse is designed by Cristy Fincher. Copyright 2014, all rights reserved.