MicroFine™ Glue Tips

$ 10.00

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The two-part tip & spout are now bonded for added strength, durability, and precision.

• MicroFine Glue Tips (pk of 2), or
• MicroFine Glue Tips (pk of 2) + 4 oz refillable bottle, or
• Combo Pack: 1 MicroFine Glue Tip + 1 Mini MicroFine Glue Tip (narrower opening, fits Roxanne's Glue Baste It bottles)

The MicroFine™ Glue Tips from Sharon Schamber are fantastic and easy to use. Simply put the MicroFine™ Glue Tip onto a bottle of Elmer's Washable School Glue and you're ready to go! The fine tip and topper are already connected. No more metal tips that clog, and no parts to put together!

Each package of Micro Fine™ Glue Tips includes two "T" tabs to prevent clogs.

NEW: Refillable 4 oz bottles are now availabl