No-Stick Applique Sheet • 14 1/3"x18 7/8"

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The No-Stick Applique Sheet provides a barrier between your iron and fusible materials. Nothing will stick to the No-Stick Applique Sheet! Protect your iron from residual glue. Protect delicate fabrics from scorching. This professional grade, high quality .018mm Teflon sheet is made to last. It is sized to fit The Gypsy Quilter Wool Pressing Mat (TGQWM1319) and can prevent scorching or glue build up on the wool mat.

It's great for a variety of crafty uses too!

  • Color: Brown
  • Made of: Teflon
  • Use: Applique sheet
  • Size: 14-1/3in x 18-7/8in
  • Included: One Sheet