Sharon's Secret Foundation - 8" Precut Squares

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Available in Regular and Light Weight
20 - 8"x8" sheets per package

Sharon's Secret Foundation now comes in precut squares! They are perfect for machine embroidery, foundation piecing, as well as all of the same great uses that Sharon's Secret Foundation is known for:

  • Turned-edge Applique
  • English Paper Piecing
  • Foundation Piecing - and you don't have to tear the paper away!
  • Machine Embroidery

Step-by-step Instructional Video:

Washing Recommendation:
After washing, the foundation softens and gives the piece a light trapunto effect. Wash the finished quilt with a full laundry load's worth of Tide, or other detergent, along with Synthrapol to break down and wash away the glue used for the applique technique. Soaking overnight in Synthrapol and working the piece with your hands is highly recommended for best results. If you experience stiffness in the applique after washing, it is likely that the glue hasn't been washed out completely. Soak the piece in Sythrapol once more and wash with Tide, or other detergent.