Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along: Introduction

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Welcome to my first quilt-along! I'm so happy you're here! The Double Wedding ring has been one of my favorite quilt blocks for as long as I can remember. It's also one of my favorite classes to teach. When I started thinking of which quilt design I'd like most to share in a quilt-along, Double Wedding Ring was it, without a doubt.

My first Double Wedding Ring quilt, from 2005.
As a teacher and quilter, I hear these words often: "curves are scary". They can be, yes. But, they don't have to be. The Piec-lique technique is going to take a lot of the fear out of curved seams. Piec-lique (pronounced "piece-li-kay"), developed by Sharon Schamber, is a simple technique for making smooth, flat, and accurate curves. I will walk you through, step-by-step, how to use this fabulous technique to make your very own Double Wedding Ring. If you'd like to get a little more cozy with the idea of Piec-lique, take a peek at my Piec-lique Circle post.

If you're ready to get started, you'll need just a few things:

**The Double Wedding Ring Pattern and Template will be available as a download, in the next couple of days.

If you're on the fence, and not sure you want to jump right in, don't worry! Follow along, read the posts, and see how it's all being done. I bet once you see it for yourself, you'll be ready to give it a try. I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks, and putting it all video for you, too. And, I'll be sewing right along with you, so please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Double Wedding Ring is such a fun, and satisfying, block to make. I know you'll be amazed by what you create! You can start with just one ring, which makes a great mini-quilt to display anywhere. Once you make one, and get the hang of the technique, you just might keep adding on to make a lovely little table runner. You might even surprise yourself and go bigger to create an heirloom piece that will be treasured for generations.

The Double Wedding QAL ( #dwrqal on Intagram and Twitter), will run for 6 weeks. I'll post each Monday and Thursday, through Monday Nov 11. Next time, on Oct 7th, I'll talk about fabric selection. If you'd like to join in, please do!

Here's the DWRQAL board on Pinterest.
You can join the Flickr group here. This is where we'll meet for questions and discussions.
You can find me Instagram and Twitter, too.

The master post for the DWRQAL schedule is {here}. It's a great reference, and perfect for bookmarking.

Did you hear about the DWR Challenge that the NYC Modern Quilt Guild is hosting? This quilt-along is a wonderful opportunity to try a new technique and end up with your very own quilt to enter in the challenge. It might be a bit of a time crunch, but they have multiple categories, so a small DWR is very doable.

I'm really looking forward to talking about fabric (one of my most favorite things) next week. See you then!


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