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I don't do it often enough, but I do enjoy blogging. I love sharing the things I make, and the little tips and tricks that I've learned, with you.

And in all honesty, I beat myself up a bit for not posting more things, more often.

I want to share everything I know, about sewing and quilting, with you, but there's a struggle going on inside of my heart. I feel like I'm walking a fine line between what to give away for free and what shouldn't be free.

My mom has spent her career developing sewing and quilting techniques that are easier, more efficient, and give you awesome results. She has spent the last 12+ years traveling to teach her techniques to quilters all over the world. I want to honor my mom, and the legacy she has spent so much time and energy building. Teaching you, is one way I can honor her.

I will continue to post, share and teach to you. And I would love for you to keep coming back for more. I have big plans for posts on Piec-lique (curved seams), applique, quilting, more glue basting goodness, and some other sewing tips and tricks. Within my posts, there will be times when I will refer you to a pattern, or class, on my website. This is because I want to offer you the best learning experience that I possibly can, and sometimes that requires purchasing an indepth instructional .pdf or DVD. I can only hope that you will understand and know I'm not trying to "sell" you something. I'm simply honoring my mom.

Here's a little bit of what I'm looking forward to sharing with you!

Turning applique edges.
My new applique pattern, in progress.
My Double Wedding Ring, WIP.
One little melon.
Glue Basting Changes Lives
Thank you for stopping by and for being a part of my little world.

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