Glow Stick Quilt by Cristy Fincher

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Clever use of colors and an easy block make the Glow Stick design come to life. With this pattern, your piecing skills will grow and "glow"! Discover a simple technique for making half rectangle triangles with ease, and build your piecing skills with tried and true cutting and sewing methods, including glue-basting for accurate points. Say good-bye to bulky seams and discover the secrets to "spinning seams". With your unique choice of color, the 8.5" block will be a great start to a mini or full size quilt. Create your quilt that leaves you glowing from the inside out! 
2 Quilt Sizes Included!! 
Optional Paper Piecing instructions included, too!
Purchasing Options:
    1. Preprinted Booklet with Paper Piecing Download (booklet will be mailed separately)
    2. Downloadable PDF 

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Glow Stick is designed by Cristy Fincher. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved.