Easy Steps to Join Binding Strips

June 04, 2014 1 Comment

Have you watched, and tried my mom's amazing binding technique? Whether you love or dislike (maybe dislike a lot) sewing the binding onto your finished quilt, my mom's technique is life changing. My favorite part is the simple way she joins the strips of binding. In essence, the technique she uses is a simple version of Paperless Paper Piecing. Her method is fast, easy, and accurate. You don't have to fuss with cutting the ends at a perfect angle and you won't need a single pin. Amazing, right?!

Here are the basic steps to join the strips together:
1. Fold one end of a strip over at a 45* angle (or as close to it as you can). Press to make a nice, sharp crease.
2. Draw a fine line of glue close to the folded edge.
3. Line up the next strip with the first. The second strip should be parallel to and overlap the first strip.
4. Heat set with a dry, hot iron.
5. Open the crease to expose the sewing line. 
6. Sew right on the crease.
7. Pull apart the flaps of fabric to release the glue. Do this just like you would if you're opening a stick of string cheese, or a band-aid.
8. Trim the seam allowance to about a 1/4".
9. Press the seam open.
That's it! Easy peasy!! I hope this helps you make your binding better than ever. Please feel free to share this on your Facebook page, Instagram account and on Pinterest. 
Here's the full video of my mom's binding technique:
Enjoy and Happy Stitchin'!!

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Joyce Foss
Joyce Foss

July 20, 2015

What an amazing demonstration. I am hoping to begin a quilt this year and am so excited to try your teachings. Thank you very much.

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